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Our Pets

We are owned by a mischievous dog and a brood of chickens to keep us busy. Our dog is a Tibetan Terrier and she is called Lily. We have had her since she was 8 weeks old and she is now 8 years old and has ruled our lives ever since...! We wouldn’t be without her, she is such a special little girl. You can see the photo below was a quick snap taken when she was sitting on my chair. When I get up, she most often takes the opportunity to take a nap there as its the perfect size for her to curl up on.

our pets

Lily loves our Garden and enjoys sitting on the picnic table in the summer months. The photo below shows her doing just that.

Lily in the garden

When Lily was young I would take her every Sunday to our local dog club each week where we would learn obedience. We have been awarded a number of certificates and rosettes including the one below. This was taken when we had passed our Good Citizens Kennel Club Silver test. We have now passed our Bronze and Gold too!

our pets

Lily has always got on well with our chickens, she is quite fascinated with them. It was good timing when we got her as we had just hatched some chicks when she was a puppy so she has grown up with them and learnt not to chase them. We only have two hens these days and you can see them below. They are called Snowy and Honey. Two is the perfect amount for our garden as they are quite naughty once the get into my flower beds. They ahve their own area of the garden... but they do escape at times!

our pets

They enjoy roaming around our garden which is a safe place for them to live as we have electric fence around the perimeter to stop any foxes. This is a photo of Snowy below.

our pets

We have rescued a number of cats over the years - or should I say they seem to have found us! Our first rescue cat was called Merly. The saying comes to mind - 'Only a mother would love him..' and this could have been said for our Merly. Not many people would have taken him on. He must have been knocked by a car many years previous as his hip had been broken and set awkwardly as it was all out of place as you can see in the photo below right. He could walk, but quite oddly. His ear, as you can see was scraped, possibly at the time of the accident. He had very few teeth, he was thin due to various issues.

With regular check ups at the vet, we neutered him and gave him tablets for a poorly functioning kidney. His life was much improved in the three years he was with us. He was the most lovely and happy cat I have ever met and I think he couldn't believe his luck that he had finally a loving and comfortable home. He loved to be cuddled, he would lay upside down in my arms and sleep for a long time, I think it was comfortable for him after all of his injuries. We will always miss Merly, he was a very special cat.


Our next rescue cat was a beautiful and very pretty cat called Ammy. Full name Amram after Nick s Cornish smuggling ancestor. We always knew there was something wrong with Ammy, he had underlying issues from the time he came to us, however to look at him above you would never have known.

He had internal ear growths which never fully cleared even with antibiotics and special cream. He also had a condition which effected his heart, and created fluid in his body cavity and around his heart. He was put on tablets, fluid drained a few times, ears cleaned and in general we just looked after him and did everything we could for him.

He spent the last 4 years of his life with us and was only around 8 when he passed away. Ammy was a very happy cat, and we kept him as comfortable as we could in the final few months of his life. We miss him very much.


Finally I had to include the photo of my favourite cat when I was growing up. She was called Little Cat as we rescued her as a tiny kitten, much smaller than she should ever have left her mum. She never grew really big and was smaller than our other cats, hence her nickname Little Cat. However even though she was small, she was robust and out lived all of our other cats! She passed away at the age of 23. She was a good mouser too. The last 8 years or so of her life she preferred the comfort of her warm bed by the fire and was very spoilt. As a memorial, I painted her for my parents and the portrait is hanging in their hallway to this day.

Little cat

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