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Our Pets

You may have already read our page about the rescue cats we have adopted over the years. Although we aren’t owned by a cat at the moment, we have a mischievous dog and a brood of chickens to keep us busy. Our dog is a Tibetan Terrier and she is called Lily. We have had her since she was 8 weeks old and she has ruled our lives ever since...! We wouldn’t be without her, she is such a special little girl. She is 5 years old now and you can see the photo below was a quick snap taken when she was sitting on my chair at my easel. When I get up, she most often takes the opportunity to take a nap there as its the perfect size for her to curl up on.

our pets

We go to our local dog club each week where we learn obedience. We have been awarded a number of certificates and rosettes including the one below. This was taken when we had passed our Good Citizens Kennel Club Silver test. We have now passed our Gold too!

our pets

Lily has always got on well with our chickens, she is quite fascinated with them. It was good timing as we hatched some chicks when she was a puppy so she has grown up with them. The photo shows her below watching over them from the art studio whilst they wait for treats!

our pets

We have three Buff Orpington chickens called Bumble, Chortle and Wheezer. They enjoy roaming around our woodland garden in the daytime, which is a safe place for them to live as we have electric fence around the perimeter to stop any foxes.

our pets

The chickens enjoy roaming the garden and have a dedicated little chicken house for them to live, on two tiers. Top as a sleeping with a ladder access and underneath we have modified so that it is enclosed on three sides with a base and filled with sawdust. They can shelter here in daytime form the winds and rain in the winter.

We will leave you with a final photo of Lily, if anyone reading this knows a Tibetan terrier, they will know they are quite cheeky at times and this little eye is a typical Tibetan Terrier look!

our pets

We hope that you have enjoyed seeing our chickens and dog. if you would like to find out more about Nicholas or myself, or perhaps our studio, or you might like to read about the materials we use for our cat portraits. Which ever page you head to next, we hope you enjoy it.


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