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About Cat Portrait Artists Nicholas

Welcome, my name is Nicholas Beall and as you probably already know from looking around this website I am a cat portrait artist. I enjoy painting not only cats, but dogs and horses too. I studied painting and drawing at Falmouth College of Art in Cornwall and then completed a HND in Natural History Illustration at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design. This is where I met my wife, Melanie who was completing the same course. The HND course allowed me time to learn my craft of painting and drawing animals, wildlife, flowers, landscapes and seascapes. I have been living in Wales with my wife Melanie for over 25 years. We have a little cottage in the heart of the Welsh countryside along with a dedicated art studio in our woodland garden. A great place to paint and be creative.

nicholas on holiday

The photo below was taken in Looe, Cornwall near to where I was born. My family still live in Cornwall and I enjoy visiting a few times each year. The Island behind me is called Looe Island, which is where my smuggling ancestor Amram Hooper was said to once have lived. I have enjoyed delving into the history of the island and finding out about my ancestors over the years, and although my home here is in Wales, I will always have an affinity to Cornwall even though I don't live there any longer.

Nicholas Beall

We share our lives with a Tibetan Terrier called Lily. She is a wonderful companion, and spends all of her time with us in the cottage or studio. She is a very people orientated dog, as are most Tibetan terriers and so goes everywhere with us. This photo is of myself out hiking with Lily, she is 8 now and so we don't walk her as far as we used to, but she loves a coastal walk, or heading down to the beach for a run on the sand.

nicholas beall

One of our favourite place to visit is the Pembrokeshire coastline. It is very similar to the Cornish coastline where I grew up. We love to take days off in the dry weather and head out for a coastal walk or to take lily for a run on the beach. Pembrokeshire is our favourite destination for a day out, which is where this photo was taken, however if we are staying away for a few days we try to head to north Wales to the mountains.

nicholas beall

The beautiful evening beach walk was in April 2021 in North Wales, we stayed for a few days as a welcoming break after lockdown. The beach was empty, many places were still closed and there were very few people around, it was quite strange, but a lovely peaceful holiday.

nicholas beall


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I hope that you have enjoyed reading about me and viewing photos of where I live and work. If you would like to read about Melanie, you can do on her page at the link below.


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