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About Cat Portrait Artists Melanie

Welcome to my about me page! I have collated a few of my favourites photos which might give my prospective clients readers a little glimpse into my life. I decided to write about me, more than chatting about my art career and being a cat portrait artist. I think it's lovely to get to know the artist as a person and hopefully you can understand everything about my life being an artists from the other pages of our cat portraits website.

Funnily enough, when I had chosen all of the photos for this page, I realised that in each one, I am with a dog - either mine or a friends dog in each photo! Animals have always played a huge part in my life including cats. I had a cat as my first pet as a child called Misty. I was bought up on a smallholding in the late 80's with ducks, chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, cows, dogs and cats. I had a lovely upbringing and it cemented my love of animals and nature right from an early age.

The first photo below is a snap taken by Nicholas when we went on holiday with some really good friends of ours to North Wales. We often share holidays with friends and their dogs in holiday cottages around the UK. You can see our dog Lily exploring in the garden on our first day while I am having an early morning cuppa.

melanie and dogs

Nicholas' family all live in Cornwall and we often head down there to visit family in the spring and summer months. The photo below was taken a this year (2019) in Looe on a very cold but sunny February day.

melanie and lily

Other than painting portraits of cats, I love doing crafts in my spare time. I recently did a day course in stained glass making and made a hanging window display. There were a number of different patters to choose from and I immediately opted for this one. I felt it was very reminiscent of the designs by Rennie Mackintosh which I love. I didn't want to use the obvious pink and purple colours so I opted for natural greens and blues. It always receives very complimentary comments when visitors come into my kitchen where it is displayed. If anyone is visiting my area and would like to do a stained glass course, head on over to the website of Justine and Chris who run the stained glass courses at Cariad Glass. If you don’t live near them to do a course, why not purchase one of their staned glass pieces from their online shop!

melanie phillips crafts

The photo below was taken at Christmas in 2016 when we were out at lunch with friends - other pet portrait artists too! You can see I'm in the photo bottom right and Nicholas is bottom left. I have to say yes I have Lily on my lap..she is never far from me! She is actually by my feet while I'm tying this page. The bar in the pub had a huge tub of dog biscuits for any well behaved pup that visits. Lily was the only dog there that day and so she did get pretty spoilt!

melanie and friends

This final photo is one that I cherish the most as my friend Karen (in the photo above) took it while we were out and about one day. It is of me and my previous dog Tom crouched under a stone age burial chamber at Pentre Ifan. Tom was a rescue and been to many homes before ours and had a number of problems, however was happy with us thankfully and we gave him a good home. He unexpectedly passed away after only being with us a few years but he made a big impact on our lives. He was loved so very much.

melanie and friends

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my photo gallery and finding out a little more about me! If you would like to find out more about Nicholas, head on over to see photos on his page and read about him - Nicholas Beall.


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