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About Cat Portrait Artists Melanie

Welcome to my about me page! I have collated a few of my favorites photos which might give you a little glimpse into my life. Animals have always played a huge part in my life including cats. I had a cat as my first pet as a child called Misty. I was bought up on a smallholding in the late 80's with ducks, chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, cows, dogs and of course cats. I had a lovely upbringing and it cemented my love of animals and nature right from an early age. The photo of my and my dog below was taken in our little cottage in the heart of the Welsh countryside. We have lived in our cottage for 15 years and it took us 14 years to renovate! We love it and wouldn't be anywhere else!

Melanie and Lily

The photo below is a snap taken by Nicholas when we were trail running in Wales. Lily loves exploring the woodland paths and countryside with us and we try to get as much exercise as we can. We work a lot in the studio and our jobs are quite sedentary so we love getting out into the fresh air and there are plenty of places to do that around here. I tend to do more road running with my running pals since covid, we have built up a good team and if you want to run, there will always be someone that will be willing to meet up and run too!

Melanie and Lily

Our cottage garden has taken a lot of designing over the years and a lot of hard work, we have recently had new fencing put in as you can see in the photo below. Everything looks quite new and tidy. Our neighbour very kindly gave Nick and myself two sunflowers to grow up the fence and they grew so tall, I just had to get photographic evidence with me standing with them. I think they grew taller than our neighbours! Definitely will be growing more!

Melanie and Sunflower

Spring and summer have to be my favourite months, mainly as its a pretty dark, grey and rainy winter for us here in wales. So as soon as spring arrives we make sure we take some days out of the studio per week to travel around wales to see the beautiful sights. This photo was taken in Pembrokshire, one of my favourite counties. Lily and I had a quick pitstop before people came wandering down the steps.

Melanie in Pembrokeshire

Another of my past times is to take photos of our countryside on our little trundles around the lanes. We live fairly rurally and the sky and clouds fascinate me. There is something different to see every day, particularly early mornings and late evenings. The photo below was an early morning misty photo with the sheep in the field.

Photo of landscape

The photo below was a fluke to see as we were out for a walk and the rainbow appeared. In the end it was a full rainbow right across the lane, simply beautiful. It's always good to have a camera handy, I sometimes take out my SLR but mostly I have my iPhone with me and they take pretty good photos when the light is right.

Photo of rainbow

There are so many wonderful beaches around Wales, you are hard pressed to find one that doesn't have amazing views, amazing sand and a great atmosphere. The beach below is one of our favourites on the west Wales coastline and Lily loves to have a wander on the sand.

Melanie and Lily on Beach

I love taking photos of snow, it doesn't snow all that often here, perhaps once a year for a few days. However its a magical time and getting out with the camera is one of my favoruite things to do. I hope you like the photo below. It was taken near our cottage along a public footpath.

Photo of landscape

I love doing crafts in my spare time. I recently did a day course in stained glass making and made a hanging window display. There were a number of different patters to choose from and I immediately opted for this one. I felt it was very reminiscent of the designs by Rennie Mackintosh which I love. I didn't want to use the obvious pink and purple colours so I opted for natural greens and blues. It always receives very complimentary comments when visitors come into my kitchen where it is displayed.

melanie phillips crafts

Finally here is a photo of Lily and I in the studio, just a quick snap, mainly of Lily. We seem to take more photos of her than we do of ourselves!!

Melanie and Lily


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