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Cat Portraits Engraved Plaques

In addition to our cat portraits framing service, we also provide our clients with engraved plaques. The plaques are presented in either Mirrored Stainess Steel Silver or Mirrored Brass / Bronze for £49.

For the cat oil paintings, the plaques attach quite nicely on the frame itself, although clients must bear in mind the frames need a relatively flat area to attach the plaque to. The correct choice of frame is important and we can definitely guide you on this.

For the cat pencil drawings, plaques can be attached to the frame itself, similar to the oils. It can be set into the mount under the glass. You can see a photo of a plaque set into a mount below. We usually commission the plaque first and then provide our framer with the correct measurements for the rebate where the plaque will sit in the mount. Our framer often cuts the mount with more depth on the lower half of the mount to balance it all.

We commission our plaques from a lovely company who really look after their customers. It's wonderful when you have a long and trusting relationship with another company. They have never let us down and our clients are always thrilled with the results of their plaques.

If you would like a plaque on your framed cat portrait, just drop us a line with your ideas for the text. We are always happy to advise on which colour would work best with your chosen frame.

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