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Cat Portraits - Cats Pet Portrait in Oils on Canvas

Welcome to the cat oils portrait of Ginger and Maggie. Nicholas Beall created this painting for clients in the USA in oils on Italian linen canvas. Nicholas traditionally hand paints all of his oil paintings, standing at his easel daily using a variety of brushes on beautiful quality professionally stretched canvas. The oil painting of Ginger and Maggie was quite intricate, a collation of many photos amalgamated together to create one composition which he then painted from.

Cats Pet Portrait in Oils by Nicholas Beall

Commission of 'Ginger & Maggie' Portrait

Pet portraits reference photos

This portrait was commissioned by Irene Metro of her wonderful cats and litter sisters, Ginger and Maggie. Sadly Ginger passed away in 2014 and so this painting will serve to be the most wonderful reminder for the family. Irene commissioned Nicholas to paint Ginger and Maggie on an 18 x 14 sized canvas in oils I have added a few photos of the progress of the portrait along with some reference photos that Nicholas worked from while painting the portrait below.

We worked with Irene very closely to create a design that would incorporate both Ginger and Maggie together, showing the closeness between both cats and also incorporating Gingers favourite toy. Irene didn't have 'the perfect photo' of them both together to paint from, so we created a composition using 6 photos together to create one design. After a number of mock-ups going back and forth, we hit on 'the composition' which is what you see here in the painting above.

The painting of Ginger and Maggie was framed by our local framer, using the curved gold line frame with inner linen slip. The colours of both the slip and the frame work beautifully with the colours within the painting and overall it gives a very natural and peaceful feel to the piece. Framing is so important, the frame needs to compliment the painting and enhance it, but not overpower it. Irene also opted to have a Gold engraved plaque for her painting too, which really personalised the piece. We work with a fabulous engraving company here in the UK who provide all of our bespoke plaques which can be made in gold, silver or bronze.

Irene was absolutely thrilled with the outcome and you can read a testimonial from Irene and her husband Bob, below. I have also added a number of photos of the portrait framed which I hope you all enjoy viewing. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at any time. Contact Us >>

Happy Client Testimonials

Irene sent some lovely emails during the process and I have aded a few below..

Dear Melanie and Nicholas,
We are very grateful for your wonderful care of us and to Nicholas for creating such a miraculous painting of my two loving girls. When we received the bundle and my husband and I opened it, I started crying and the only words he was able to say was "Oh wow!". It truly is magnificent and as you said, the photos of the painting do not do justice to the beauty of this painting in vivo. I am hoping that we can have Tony, my big boy, pose for a painting of his own. Maggie will probably accompany him because she is everyone's friend, ever caring and loving girl.
Thank you so much Melanie! Thank you very much dear Nicholas!
Irene and Bob


Cat Oil Portraits - Cat Painting Up Close

Here are a few photos of the portrait up close with Nicholas' hand and brush to show scale.

Cats Pet Portrait in Oils Close Up Cats Pet Portrait in Oils Close Up with brush


Cat Oil Portraits - Cat Painting Framed

We have lots of choice when it comes to framing with three amazing framers who all specialise in slightly different frames. The portrait of Maggie and Ginger was framed in a now discontinued frame, however we still have plenty of choice if you would like something similar!

Cats Pet Portrait in Oils Framed Cats Pet Portrait in Oils Framed on the Mini Easel Cats Pet Portrait in Oils Detail Engraved Plaque in Gold Close up of the frame Close up of the frame and inner slip


Cat Oil Portraits

We hope that you have enjoyed viewing the portrait of Ginger and Maggie. if you would like to commission an oil painting of your cats similar to this, please do drop us a line from our cat portraits contact page and email us your photos. We look forward to working with you soon.


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