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Cat Portraits - Cat Pet Portraits in Oils

Welcome to the cat portraits oil painting of Dudley. Nicholas Beall is a professional cat portrait artist and specialises in oil paintings on canvas of cats for commission. All of the oil paintings are traditionally hand painted by himself standing at an ease in our garden studio in Wales, UK> He creates portraits for clients far and wide around the globe. The portrait of Dudley was created for clients in Scotland and you can read all about Dudley and see photos of the painting progress below.

Cat Portraits

Commission of 'Dudley'- Cat Pet Portraits in oils

Pet portraits reference photos

The portrait of Dudley was commissioned as a surprise gift for Kirstie and her husband Gordon in Scotland, UK. Kirsite received one of our gift vouchers and once received she could decide on the exact kind of portrait she wanted. Kirstie opted for an oil painting and knew the exact photo that she wanted portrait, which you can see above. The painting is a 14 x 14 oil portrait, traditionally hand painted by Nicholas Beall. Sadly Dudley passed away during the commissioning process, so this painting will serve to be a wonderful reminder to both Kirsite and her husband Gordon who miss him dreadfully. The portrait is framed using our Clarence Cream frame with a matching Brass / Bronze plaque. Scroll down to view the lovely photos of Dudley framed, a video of the frame and painting too. If you would like to commission us to paint your cat don't hesitate to email us at any time.

Happy Client Testimonials

Gordon and Kirstie sent a lovely email and called us personally...

Dear Melanie and Nicholas,

I know you will be relieved to hear that your beautifully packaged parcel has just arrived safely and we have Dudley up on the wall just where we had planned. He is absolutely stunning and we are thrilled!

The frame has been a really good choice, perfect colours and not too heavy and we noticed how beautifully it has been finished even to the thoughtful addition of felt pads at the back.Again, very many thanks to you both for all your thoughtful care, attention and amazing talent which have combined to make this commission a huge success.

Best wishes to you both,
Gordon & Kirstie x

Cat Portraits - Cat Pet Portraits in oils Frame & Video

The oil painting of Dudley was framed using our beautiful Clarance Cream frame. Our frames are hand crafted and hand finished by our framers. We work with a number of different framers to make sure we have as much choice as possible for our clients. You can also view a video we took of Dudley in his frame. Kirstie commissioned an engraved plaque too which you can see in the photos below. Our plaques are simply stunning. They are available in mirrored stainless steel silver or mirrored brass / bronze and complete the framed portraits beautifully.

Cat Painting Oils Framed
Cat Painting Oils Framed
Cat Painting Oils Framed
Cat Painting Oils Framed

Happy Client Photos!

Cat Painting In Situ
Cat Painting In Situ

Cat Pet Portraits in oils

If you would like Nicholas to create a cat portrait for you or your family, we would be delighted to work with you. We just need a few high resolution photographs to paint from. You are more than welcome to email them to us and we will be in touch with some ideas for you. Why not visit our cat portraits contact page and email us today.


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