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Cat Portraits Photography Tips - Taking Better Photos of Cats!

Taking photos of cats can be difficult, especially when you are intent on getting the perfect photo for a cat portrait! They tend to want to do their own thing and can often turn away as soon as you get the camera out. There are lots of simple tricks and general advice below which you can employ to get that perfect photo for a portrait. The four main piece of advice we can give are as follows...

Using Natural Light

The photo of Bailey below is the perfect pose and has been taken in the perfect lighting setting. Natural light is imperative. This is especially important if you are using a mobile phones as their lenses need extra light to keep the photos in focus. If you have an indoor cat, take photos of them in a light room or by a large window on a sunny day. Make sure the sun on their face as opposed to coming from behind their head. This can shade their face and make their fur colour darker than you would naturally see it. If you have a white cat, setting up lighting to take the perfect photos without too many shadows is critical... it can be done, so take your time and don't panic! Keep snapping away and just delete the photos that aren't perfect.

Cat Photography Tips

Get On Their Eye Level

Although the photo below is extremely cute, getting down on their eye level instead of looking down at them is best. This allows us to paint or draw their head and chest, rather then just a head. The photo below shows how we often look at our cats, but it's not the best photo to work from when painting. Ideally wait until they are sat up and are fairly awake and alert. This avoids the sleepy half closed eye look. Its handy if they are sat on a table or windowsill as this enables you to get at their level much easier to take photos. Hold up your phone and take some photos form a distance and keep moving forward slowly so as not to frighten them and take more as you do. Keep moving forward until you are fairly close and have their head and chest in your phone screen. With any luck they will pose beautifully for you!

Cat Photography Tips

Get Up Close

As mentioned above, try to fill the frame with their head and shoulders if possible. In the photo of Baily below you can see the photo was taken full body from fairly far away. Although this is a lovely photo of Bailey laying down, Bailey's face is just a little too small in the frame to create a head study portrait from. We only have your photos to go by and so the more we can see of your cat, the more details / better quality the painting will be.

Cat Photography Tips

Take Your Time

Extending the photo shoot over the day or even a weekend can really help get the perfect pose. Keep your phone handy and take some snaps as and when you can when your cat is in the right mood. You may find that there will be a moment in the day where your cat is in the ideal position and you will be able to take the perfect photo.

If you are using mobile to take photos, a zoom is a great option to use as you can get closer without getting too close to your cat. Do be wary though as if you use your fingers to zoom in on the screen, you could be lowering the resolution of the image. So when using a mobile device instead take a step forward if you can as this will allow as much information to be in the photo as possible.

Finally... if you need help or advice, just drop us a line!


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