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Cat Portraits In Detail gallery

Welcome to our Cat Portraits In Detail page. We often take photos of our paintings and drawings with our hands working on them or our pencils and brushes laying on them to help give our clients and readers an indication of scale. It can be really difficult to visualise what a portrait looks like. Its not often that you will stand right next to a painting or drawing hanging on the wall, we all view them from a few feet away in our daily lives, however our artwork is very intricate. We use fine brushes and sharp points on our pencils so that if you want to stand right up close to the artwork, you will see lots of wonderful detail within the painting or drawing. We hope this will this comes across in the photos on this page.

Roly - In Detail

The oil painting of Roly below was completed in 2019. I took a few photos of the portrait close up for our cleints to see the detail and scale with Nicholas' hand and paintbrush in the photo. The portrait was very well recieved and you can see it in more detail here - Cat Portrait.

Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery

Mitzy - In Detail

The portrait of Mitzy was a very special one as sadly Mitzy passed away unexpectedly. The portrait was a gift from wife to husband at Christmas. If you would like to see more photos of the portrait and to see how the painting looked when it was framed, head on over to Mitzy's page - Cat Paintings.

Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery

Dudley - In Detail

Dudley's painting is absolutely stunning and Nicholas has handled the limited pallet and soft fur of Dudley beautifully. Visit Dudley's Cat Portraits page in our oils gallery to see him in full and read about the commission.

Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery

Tia - In Detail

The oil painting of Tia was a special surprise commission from father to daughter who sadly lost Tia from illness. She was absolutely devastated. Tia's painting was extremely well received and you can read the full story and hear what the recipient said on Tia's Cat Oil Painting page.

Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery


Shelly - In Detail

The Shelly's oil painting was completed in 2019 by Nicholas on fine grain Italian Linen canvas. As you can see below the portrait of Shelly came out beautifully and our client was delighted.

Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery


Penny - In Detail

One of my favourite cat portrait commissions to date is the portrait or Penny, commissioned by a family in the UK. Penny was getting older and they wanted to commission a portrait while she was still in her prime to be photographed. The photos the family took were absolutely incredible and it really does make a different to the portrait. The clearer and in focus the photo and the better the composition, the better the portrait will turn out.

Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery


Gilli - In Detail

The pencil drawing of Gilli was commissioned by a client in Hong Kong to give as a gift to her best friend. The drawing was a montage at 18 x 14 size and with so much detail and so many small drawings there is always something new to see. Her eis a close up of Gilli, and you can read more about the commission and see more photos of the portrait framed on Gilli's Cat Pencil Pet Portraits page on my main website.

Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery


Tyson - In Detail

Tyson’s portrait was an absolute pleasure and I loved every minute of drawing him. His gorgeous shiny eyes were beautiful. This is a close up of the portrait with my pencils, however you can see the portrait framed on my Cat Pet Portrait page for Tyson.

Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery


Frankie - In Detail

'Frankie Blue Eye's was painted by Nicholas for a returning client in the USA. Gary wanted his favourite photo of Frankie painted where he is playing with his favourite toy - his Pooh Bear! Nicholas painted Frankie and the toy beautifully as you can see below.

Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery


Pixie and Boots - In Detail

The portrait of Pixie and Boots was a gift voucher purchased by the husband and given to his wife as a birthday gift. He wanted his wife Julie to have full control over how she wanted the portrait of her two cats. The photo show my hand adding the final touches to the drawing below. if you would like to read more about the commission head on over to their dedicated Cat Pet Portraits page.

Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery


Ginger and Maggie - In Detail

Sadly Ginger had passed away very suddenly and it was such a shock for my client and her family. As they didn’t have a suitable photo of Ginger and Maggie cuddling together, which was their request, between us we created a design using a number of separate photos of both Ginger and Maggie to make it took as though they were together in their portrait with their favourite toy. Maggie misses Ginger terribly. Irene was thrilled to have them both back together in a painting that she could look at and treasure for many years. Read about Ginger and Maggie on their webpage Cats Pet Portrait.

Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery


Lucy and Leo - In Detail

Lucy and Leo were absolutely fantastic to draw. They headed over to the USA all framed and ready to give as a gift in 2018. Lucy and Leo are two very alert cats!

Cat Portraits In Detail Gallery


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