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Cat Portraits Framing Gallery

We are able to provide our clients with a superior quality, framing service for our cat portraits in both oils and pencil. The attention to detail by our framers is exquisite, from the quality of woods used in the moulding, down to the hand polishing, painting and finishing on them. Framing is such an important part of the process and we can't stress enough how important is it to choose the right frame for your cat painting or drawing. We work with some wonderful bespoke framers in the UK who provide us with high quality, luxury frames made bespoke for our cat portraits clients. We have collected just a few of our framed cat portraits here and if you would like to chat about your requirements with us for your portrait, don’t hesitate to email us at any time.


Clarance Cream Frame

Our Clarance cream frame is simply exquisite. This frame was commissioned specifically for Dudley's painting as it worked so well with his beautiful colouring, however you can have this frame finished in any colour and style. Just drop us a line and let us know your ideas. As you can see Dudley’s painting was completed with a Mirrored Brass / Bronze engraved plaque too, which is just beautiful. Plaques are £49.

Clarance Cream Frame

Windsor Wash Frame

The Windsor wash frame is one of my favourite frames for my pencil drawings. It is only suitable for the pencils due to the narrow rebate. In the photos below you can see the portrait of Tyson and my framer used a double mount / matt of Hayseed and pale grey which works beautifully with the overall colour scheme of this moulding.

Winsor Wash frame

Albany Onyx Frame

The Albany Onyx frame is stunning. It is only suited to the pencil drawings due to the narrow rebate. Looking at the mouldings in different lights, it glimmers and glistens due to its amazing texture. It is very smooth to the touch, however when you look in the light you can see very fine lines which catch the light. In all of the three photos below you can see it in different lighting. It is simply beautiful! We paired this one with a smoky dark grey and a mid grey mount / mat which worked really well for the montage drawing of Gilli.

Albany Onyx frame for cat portraits in pencil

Honey Knots Frame

Our Honey Knots frame is our longest running frame, we have been using it for well over 10 years. It comes in two sizes, wide and narrow and is suited to pencil drawings. It is a very traditional frame and we have found that it is a perfect choice when ordering a portrait if you are giving it as a gift. It tends to match with most home décors - both contemporary and traditional decor.

Honey Knots frame for pencil drawings

Ornate Pewter Frame

The ornate pewter frame is suited to both pencil drawings and oil paintings and you can see the photos below showing it with three different oil paintings. The top left was a large oil painting of two cats sitting in grass. The top right is of Sammy and the colours worked beautifully on this portrait due to the warm rich ochre tones in the portrait and the frame. The framed portrait of Purdy is at the bottom and again the colours work really well as most frames with any bronze / gold colours really matches the colour pallet of grass. The natural colours and tones all gel superbly.

Ornate Pewter frame for cat paintings

Engraved Plaques

Don't forget we also provide our clients with engraved plaques to go along with their cat portraits frames. They really complete the portraits beautifully. Why not head over and see what they are like...Engraved Plaques.


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