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Cat Portraits Commission Information

Welcome to our Cat Portraits Commission Information page. Hopefully the following information will be helpful if you are looking to commission a cat portrait in oil or pencil. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message us. Use the WhatsApp or Messenger buttons, or email us from our cat portraits contact page at any time!

Step one - Choose Your Size

Cat Portraits Commissions

We have plenty of prices and sizes below for you to choose from and if you would like to read about our prices in full, about shipping and our gift vouchers, visit our Cat Portraits Prices page to read more.

Convert Currency

    • Oils

      • 12" x 10" = £1500
      • 16" x 12" = £2500
      • 18" x 14" = £3000
      • 20" x 16" = £3500
      • 24" x 18" = £4500
    • Pencils

      • 8" x 6" = £400
      • 10" x 8" = £600
      • 12" x 10" = £700
      • 14" x 11" = £800
      • 16" x 12" = £900

Step Two - Photos

Cat Portraits

To start the process, all we need are some good quality clear photos to work from of your cat. They need to capture your cats character and personality so that we can create the perfect likeness in the drawing or painting. Email is the best way of sending photos, try not to reduce them in size as we really need the highest resolution, best quality photos you can provide.

Send as many photos of your cat as you can so that we can choose the best to use as the basis of the portrait. Head over to our Cat Portraits Photography Tips page as this might give you a good insight into the kind of photos we like to work from.

Once we have received your photos, we create you a design using your photos, often to combine multiple photos if required, so you can see what your portrait could look like. Although we work from one main photo for each pose, we can place two cats together in the same scene from separate photos.

Step Three - Deposits and Payment

Cat Portraits

Once we have arranged your portrait, we ask for a deposit to secure your space in our cat portraits commissions list. The deposits are £500 for oil paintings and £200 for pencil drawings. Clients based in the UK can pay via bank transfer, overseas clients can pay via debit, credit card or Amex online via a secure invoice.

Step Four - Packaging

Cat Portraits

Our cat portraits are packed exceedingly well. Our artwork is sent far and wide and so they often have very long journeys. In our 25 years of sending portraits via courier we have yet to have any issues. So we must be doing something right! The photo below shows how beautiful our cat portraits are packed. Perfectly wrapped if you are giving as a gift.

Cat Portrait Packaging

We use professional presentation boxes to place all of our artwork in, whether oil paintings or pencil drawings. They are wrapped careful in cellophane and tissue paper. Accompanied by our flyer's and personalized letter, they are just perfect if you are ordering them as a gift for someone special.

Cat Portrait Packaging

Our cat portraits are sent via courier on a fully tracked service. Our UK portraits arrive the next day and most overseas portraits arrive 4 to 5 days from shipping. If you have any questions take a look at our FAQ's below and if you need to get in contact don't hesitate to Email us!

Cat Portrait Packaging

Cat Portraits Frequently Asked Questions

We have added a few of the most popular questions that we are asked about our cat portraits service below, however if you need to ask anything, just drop us a line!

If you would like to find out how much our cat portraits cost, visit our prices and contact page. It also gives shipping and gift voucher prices.

We are based in West Wales UK and we have been accepting commissions for pet portraits of all animals worldwide for 25 years. We have worked with families in many countries all over the world painting and drawing their cats. We love hearing from people from all corners of the globe, message us and tell us about your cat today!

Both Nicholas and myself have a commissions list for our pencil drawings and oil paintings so if you are looking for a cat portrait for a specific date please let us know as soon as possible. The actual drawing and painting time of your cat portrait can depend on how large the portrait is and whether it has a full background, multiple cats etc. However generally each painting and drawing can take anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks to create. Our artwork takes time to develop, nothing is rushed here in the studio and we work at our own pace to make sure we create the perfect cat portrait for you and your family.

Yes, we work from one main photo for the pose of your cat portrait. We like to see as many photos as you have of your cats and we also love to hear stories about them too. If you are embarking on taking new photos of your cats for the painting or drawing, take a look at our Cat portraits Photography Tips page in our navigation as it might give you a good insight into the type of photographs we like to work from.

You can email us your photos, or you might like to upload them all to Dropbox. We use Dropbox quite a lot with our clients and find it a convenient way of sharing photos. We like to see your cat photos at the highest resolution you have them so that we can see all of the wonderful detail in your cats fur, eyes, markings etc.

Yes. Actually we prefer working from separate photos, particularly if you are having head studies of your cats, as it means we can see much more detail in the photos. We can often combine photos, so if you have two cats and you would like them sitting together, if the photos you have taken of your cats are from the same angle and have been taken in the same lighting, we can often place them together with the scene.

We work in two mediums for our cat portraits - Pencil and Oil. Pencil Drawings are grey scale / black and white drawings. They are drawn on paper and must be framed under glass. Oil paintings are a wet medium, the portraits are painted using a brush and oil paint on Italian Linen canvas and can be framed without glass allowing the paint to breathe. Both mediums are very traditional and we hand paint and hand draw your cat portrait just like the old masters use to many years ago.

Yes! We create a design / mock up for all of our clients so that they can see what their pencil drawing or oil painting of their cat will look like. We use clients photos to design the portrait. So if, for instance you have two separate photos of your cats in the garden, we can put them together in a scene ourselves using our photo editing skills. We will email you a copy so that you can give us your feedback and let us know if the positioning is correct, the size relationship between etc cat is correct etc. It means that we can be sure that it is exactly what you would like before putting brush to canvas or pencil to paper.

Yes! We photograph all of our cat portraits when they are complete and you will receive a watermarked version for your approval.

Once you have received the final photo of your cat portrait and you feel there needs to be some tweaks made, we are always happy to amend our portraits for you. The great thing about our process is that all of the oil paintings stages are emailed to our clients so they can view the portraits as they progress. This often alleviates the need for changes as clients are in contact the entire time watching the process of their portrait. Clients love to see their portraits develop and they get really excited when new stages are emailed.

Our UK clients pay via Bank transfer. All overseas clients pay via a secure online invoice. We accept most forms of payment. Debit, credit card, American express. We can set up installments for you if required.

Once we have seen your photos and arranged the design of your cat portrait, we will then ask for a deposit. Your portraits mock up will then be added to our commissions list. Once your portrait has reached the top of the commissions list we will then email you a final payment link. All portraits must be paid in full before any work begins.

We flat pack our cat portraits safely and securely in presentation boxes with tissue paper and ribbon. They are then wrapped in copious amounts of foam wrap and placed into a cardboard box. They are very safe and secure.

We send all of our cat portraits via Parcelforce 24hr for our UK portraits or DHL for all of our overseas portraits. They are shipped on an expedited service and you can find shipping prices on our prices and contact page.

We create all of our cat portraits in our dedicated woodland art studio in our garden. Take a look at our about us studio and materials page to see where we work on a daily basis!

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