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Cat Portraits Commission Info

Welcome to our Cat Portraits Commission Info page. If you would like to commission a cat portrait in pencil or oil, this page of information should help give you an overall understanding of how the process works. You can also visit our cat portraits FAQ's page in case we have answered any of your questions already. if we haven’t, please do feel free to email us at any time.


Cat Portraits Commission Info - Step one

Good Photo for a Cat Portrait

To start the process, all we need are some good quality clear photos to work from of your cat. They need to capture your cats character and personality so that we can create the perfect likeness in the drawing or painting.

To enable us to achieve the best results for you, it is important that you provide us with the best quality photos at the highest resolution you have them. We are looking for in focus photos, which show the unique details of your cat, such as their shiny eyes, fur detail, correct fur colouring and any important markings they may have.

If possible, send as many photos of your cat as you can so that we can work with you on which photo would be best to use as the basis of the portrait. If you are embarking on taking new photos of your cat for the portrait, head over to our Cat Portraits Photography Tips page which might give you a good insight into the kind of photos we prefer to work from.


Cat Portraits Commission Info - Step two

Cat Portrait Mockup Example

Once we have received your photos and your ideas for a cat portrait, we will create you a design using your photos so you can see what your portrait could look like. It is often very difficult to visualise what a painting or drawing will look like, so this is a very important part of our process. We want you to be happy with the overall design of your cat portrait before we start to draw or paint.

We use Photoshop to create a composite or mock up using your photos to perhaps combine two or three photos together. Although we work from one main photo for each pose, we can for instance, place two cats together in the same scene from separate photos or add a different background, or add their favourite toys etc.

The mock-up shown here is of Sammy. Our client had two favourite photos and couldn't decide which he wanted for a portrait so his idea was to have them both in one oil painting. It might be difficult for you to see however I have joined two photos together to show the client how the design of the portrait could look. We then work from this mock up and design for the final portrait.


Cat Portraits Commission Info - Step Three

After creating the mock up and the size of the portrait and medium is agreed, we will send you a payment button to create a deposit. We use Wolrdpay as our payment provider where we can email you a secure link to your own private payment page. We accept most major debit and credit cards and can arrange instalments and bank transfers too. Once the deposit has been placed, we will add your cat portrait mock up onto our Commissions List where you can watch it rise in the list over the weeks and months. We work on a first come first served basis and portraits usually take between 1 to 3 weeks each to paint or draw depending on size, medium and complexity.


Cat Portraits Commission Info - Step Four

Framed Cat Portraits

As soon as your cat portrait mock up has risen nearly to the top of our commission list, we will invoice you for the final payment. We always require payment prior to starting any artwork. We will order your canvas and prepare it ready.

We will also, at this stage, order your frame if you are using one of our framers. You can see one of our framed cat portraits pictured here. It also has an engraved plaque which we can commission from the engravers we use, for you too.

Once all of this is arranged we will begin work on your cat portrait. If you are having an oil painting we email in progress stages direct for you to keep.


Cat Portraits Commission Info - Step Five

Commission Information

When the portrait is complete we will email you a watermarked final scan for your approval. Any tweaks can be made at this stage. If everything is OK we then frame your portrait, if one has been ordered, along with the plaque and take photos for you to see.

We often take video at this stage too, particularly if the cat portraits are framed. We find our clients love to see their portraits completed, filmed and shown on our Blog. Prospective clients also find them really interesting to watch too. If you would like to see some of our vat portraits videos you can do so on our website - Cat Portraits Videos.


Cat Portraits Commission Info - Step Six

Commission Information

The portrait will then be packaged safely and securely, adhering to the couriers packaging rules and it will be off on its journey home to you. Portraits are sent via courier and always require a signature on delivery. The are sent on a expedited service to the portraits are with you as soon as possible.

The photo shows 'Groucho' with his family whose portrait was commissioned as a surprise by a family friend. Everything was kept secret until the moment of reveal which was wonderful.

Groucho was quite a famous cat who appeared in a number of feature films in the USA. Sadly Groucho is no longer with us so the portrait will be an ever lasting memorial for their family.


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We work with clients from all over the world and would love to hear from you and head about your cat! We work in the studio full time, every day painting and drawing portraits. With 22 years experience in painting portraits, superb customer service and a friendly and patient attitude, we are here to make the process of commissioning a cat portrait a perfect one for you.


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