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Cat Portraits - Cat Pet Portrait in Oil

Welcome to the beautiful oil painting of Purdy. Nicholas Beall specialises in painting cats for commission and has been for the last 22 years. His chosen medium is oils on Italian linen canvas and feels that it is the perfect colour medium to portray cats with - perfect for depicting their beautiful soft fur. We hope that you enjoy reading all about Purdy and also seeing photos of our clients with the painting - and Nicholas too. Please feel free to share our page using our buttons below!

Cat Pet Portraits in Oils by Nicholas Beall

Cat Oil Portrait - Cat Painting in Progress

All of our oil painting clients receive stages of their portrait via email during the paintings process. Clients not only love feeling part of the process but they also love the keep the stages as a keepsake. The photos I took over Nicholas' shoulder below are just a handful our clients received of their cat portrait in progress.

Cat Portraits in Oil in Progress
Pet Portraits in Oil Stage 2
Cat in Oil Stage 3
Portraits in Oil in Progress Stage 4
cat portrait in progress Stage 5
Cat Pet Portraits in Oil in Progress Stage 6


Cat Oil Portrait - Cat Painting Reference Photos

It is important to have a really good quality photo to work from for our portraits. Although Purdy had sadly passed away, Amanda and Alan had one really wonderful photo of Purdy that was perfect for the portrait. We like to see as many photos as you can send so that we really get a feel for the cats when drawing or painting them. You can see a few of the photos our clients emailed of Purdy below.

Cat Pet Portraits in Oil reference photos
Cat Pet Portraits in Oil photos
Cat Pet Portraits in Oil reference


Commission of 'Purdy' - Cat Pet Portraits in Oil

The cat pet portrait in oil of Purdy was commissioned by Alan and Amanda Siddall, UK in 2014. Sadly Purdy is no longer with us so were unable to take photos specifically for the oil painting, however they had one stunning photo of Purdy which was perfect for a portrait. Alan and Amanda decided that 12 x 10 would be the perfect size for Purdy too.

Nicholas wanted to create warmth within the painting along with a soft focus background and I think he has achieved this beautifully. The background gives the essence of Purdy being outside in the garden, however the colour doesn't overpower the scene. it allows Purdy to take centre stage. Alan visited our art studio to collect both the portrait of Purdy and the second portrait he commissioned of Milly and Molly. You can see a few photos of the portrait framed in the beautiful Ornate frame with inner slip and some photos of Alan and Nicholas with the paintings below.

Melanie & Nicholas,
This has been a lovely experience.. so excited.. cant wait to get the portraits home..
I've shown so many people your website and everyone is impressed with how the girls look.. my sister remembers Purdy fondly and she almost cryed when she saw her portrait.. as I did.. I hope you know what you do brings happiness to many people. With many thanks always
Amanda xx


Hi Melanie,
Alan got back at 11.15 last night.. and it was Christmas day.. I am so very happy.. what a talent Nicholas has.. I will treasure these paintings always.. the frames are beautiful.. photos will follow when we have them in place. Many thanks always..
Amanda xx



Cat Oil Portraits - Cat Painting Framed

We have plenty of choice for our clients when it comes to framing and Alan and Amanda both settled on our Ornate frame. We work with three wonderful framers and so there is always the perfect moulding for our clients cat portraits.

Cat Portraits in Oil Framed oil painting of Prudy framed by Jane our pet portraits framer Portraits in Oil - both portraits

Cat Oil Portraits - Happy Clients

Alan visited our studio to collect the portrait of Purdy, along with the second portrait he had also commissioned. His wife Amanda very kindly posed with the paintings when they were displayed in their home which you can see below. Thank you Amanda!

Alan and Nicholas with the oil portraits of Milly, Molly and Purdy Amanda Sidall with the cat pet portraits The cat portraits in Situ


Cat Oil Portraits

We hope that you have enjoyed viewing Purdy and her oil painting, along with snippets of the other cat portrait Alan and Amanda commissioned too of Milly & Molly! If you would like a portrait of your cat, pop over to our cat portraits contact page and email us today.


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