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Cat Pet Portraits in Pencil by Melanie Phillips

Pencil Drawing Techniques

My name is Melanie and I am a professionally trained cat pet portrait artist. I have been drawing all animals including cats for commission for nearly 20 years.

I work along side my husband Nicholas Beall who creates cat portraits in oils on canvas for commission. We work from a lovely purpose built studio in our woodland garden surrounded by trees and wildlife. We are accompanied by our ever faithful companion Lily, a Tibetan Terrier. Its the perfect place to draw and be creative!

All of the drawings below are commissions from clients who are based worldwide. I hope you enjoy viewing my cat portraits below, If you would like to see more of my portraits of cats, including my pencil drawings of dogs and horses too, don’t forget to visit my main site - pencil pet portraits website »

Cat Montage of Gilli

The portrait of Gilli was commissioned by Vivian in Hong Kong for her friends birthday. Gilli was such a pleasure to draw, I thoroughly enjoyed both drawing and designing the portrait with Vivian. My framer Amanda also framed the portrait too and you can see the finished scan below, along with a photo of the portrait with my pencils on to show scale and a photo of the portrait framed. Why not pop over to Gilli's page to read more about the commission and see lots more photos. Cat Pet Portraits Montage »

Cat Pencil Montage


Cat Portrait of Tai and Chi

The portrait of Tai and Chi was commissioned by Nancy Miller in 2014 to give as a Christmas gift for her daughter in 2014. The photo of Tai and Chi was excellent to work from, they were lazing in the summer sunshine as you can see and the whole scene was fantastic to draw. I really enjoyed drawing them and you can see photo of both Tai and Chi below along with a photo of the cats with my pencils on to see the scale of the drawing. If you would like to see the portrait in more detail and read about it, head on over to their webpage - Siamese Cat Portraits »

Cat Pencil Portraits Pencil Portraits Detail and Photo


Tyson's Cat Portrait

Kim, from the USA, commissioned me to draw her gorgeous cat Tyson, who had sadly passed away. She wanted a 12" x 10" pencil drawing of him along with the pencil portrait framed. You can see a few photos below, the final scan, the portrait with my pencils on, the portrait framed and one of Kim with the drawing displayed in situ. If you would like to read more about Tyson's commission and see more photos, why not head over to his page on my pencil website Cat Pet Portrait of Tyson »

Cat Pencil Portraits


Cat Portraits Process

Clients can commission a portrait of their cat from anywhere in the world, I have been commissioned from far and wide including UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, France and Australia to name a few. As you will see from my pencil pet portraits website, I not only draw cats, but all other animals too. I can create portraits as head studies, full bodies, full backgrounds along with my popular option of Montages. The montage portrait enables clients to have their cat portrayed in a variety of different poses in one drawing. Why not find out how the commissioning process works - Cat Portraits Process Page »


Double Portrait of Pixie & Boots

The portrait of Pixie and Boots is a 16" x 12" pencil portrait which was commissioned by Howard Lawrence. Howard purchased one of my gift vouchers as a surprise for his wife’s birthday. Julie was then able to take photos of her cats in the exact poses she wanted and help design the portrait exactly as she wanted it to be. I have added a final scan below, the photos I worked from along with me working on the drawing. if you would like to see more about the commission and see a photo of the finished portrait hanging in situ in Julie's home, pop over to my pencil portrait website and see their page - Cat Pet Portraits »

Cat Pet Portraits


Cat Portrait of Baxter

The pencil portrait of Baxter was commissioned by Nick Richter in 2012. Sadly Baxter had passed away and Nick and his family wanted me to portrait Baxter sitting out in the sunshine in the garden - one of his favourite places. The portrait was framed by our framer and I have added a photo of Baxter, a photo of my hand working on the drawing and a photo of the portrait framed. If you would like to see it in more detail, pop over to Baxters page on my website - Cat Pet Portraits »

Cat Pet Portraits Cat Portraits Framed


View Prices and Availability

My website gives all of the information you require to work out what size portrait would be best for you for the space you wish to display the drawing. It might be a grand large portrait to hang over your fireplace, a small portrait to hang in your study or office or a mid sized drawing to display in your bedroom. My prices page gives a wide variety of sizes and and if there isn't a set size perfect for you, drop me an email or give me a call, as all of my sizes are bespoke - view my prices and availability »


Cat Portrait of Nina and Smasher

The portrait of Nina and Smasher was commissioned by Fred Nash for his niece. Fred emailed a photo of Nina and Smasher which you can see below, along with a a fantastic photo of Fred's niece with both cats and her portrait displayed in the wall. I love seeing photos of my clients with their drawings, it really makes my job perfect!

Cat Pet Portraits Cat Portraits Framed


Cat Portrait of Rufus and Floyd

This portrait was completed for Sebastian Durant based in the UK, just prior to Christmas in 2015. Sebastian emailed me many photos of his cats Rufus and Floyd and I created a number of designs for them to work out a perfect composition for both cats. The family were thrilled that the portrait could be complete before Christmas, as a lasting memory of two most wonderful cats.

Cat Pet Portraits Cat Portraits Framed


Dedicated Pencil Drawing Website

You can see more of my portraits on my dedicated pencil pet portraits website - Pop over to view my drawings, along with lots more information, frames, up close in detail gallery with more information and prices. I have had many happy clients over the years and if you would like me to create a wonderful and detailed graphite pencil portrait of your cat, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time.


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