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Cat Oils Portrait by Nicholas Beall


Cat Oils Portraits by Nicholas Beall


Cat Portraits in Progress and Reference Photos

Cat Oils Portraits in Progress
Cat Oils Portraits in Progress by Nicholas Beall
Cat Oils Portraits in Progress step by step

Cat Oils Portraits in Progress
Cat Portraits in Progress
Cat Oils in Progress
Cat Oils Portraits reference photos
Cat Portraits reference photos
Cat Oils Portraits reference


Commission of 'Ginny Girl' Cat Oils Portrait

This cat oils portrait was commissioned in 2012 by returning client Gary White, USA. Gary has been commissioning Nicholas to paint his animals over the years and this commission was to portray their beautiful cat called Ginny Girl who had sadly passed away. Gary asked Nicholas if he would paint Ginny Girl on a 12 x 10 sized canvas in traditional oils, to match his other paintings.

Gary emailed us some beautiful photos of Ginny, one Nicholas used as the main pose and another for detail and colouring. Where possible we are always happy to combine photos to help create the perfect portrait for our clients. The portrait was very ell received by Gary and his family and will hopefully serve as a lovely memory for their family and friends who knew Ginny Girl very well.

I have added a few photos of the progress of the portrait below, along with some reference photos of Ginny and a testimonial from Gary. I have also added a photo of the portrait framed along with a plaque which says 'Ginny Girl'. You can also see another of Garys paintings of Sammy Cat here - two cat portrait >>


Thanks Melanie.  Tell Nicholas, as I've said before, that I marvel at his talent ....  and yours.  An artist friend of mine who paints wildlife for US postage stamps, saw your work and was very impressed.  I do expect to commission you all further in time to do some other pets of ours.


The work in progress is looking super.


Melanie and Nicholas, All sounds good. I can't really see anything Nicholas needs to change, I love the shading and color definitions he did on the final. Ginny was/is a regal little girl and the painting captures her pretty face very, very well. Tell Nicholas I appreciate his artistic efforts. Take care, Gary


Cat Oils Portraits framed


Cat Oils Portraits by Nicholas Beall by Jane our framer


Cat Oils Portraits by Nicholas Beall



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