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Cat Oil Pet Portraits

Cat Pet Portraits

Welcome to our cat oil pet portraits gallery by professional cat artist Nicholas Beall. Nicholas creates the cat portraits in oils and you can see just a few of his previous commissions in his gallery below. All of the oil portraits below are traditionally hand painted using the finest quality oil paints on Italian Linen Canvas.

Working from our beautiful garden studio Nicholas is commissioned by clients worldwide. The photo on the right is Nicholas holding a one of his completed cat portraits. We work with clients from all over the world.

Working from one main photo of your cat for the pose he can use others for detail or to combine cats within the same scene. Photos are extremely important relying on our clients to taking excellent quality photos - the better the photo, the better the painting. Why not pop over to our cat photography tips page Cat Photography »

If you would like us to handle the framing and engraved plaques we can arrange this for you also. We work with a number of different framers who hand craft and hand finish the frames - they are simply exquisite. Visit our framing page to view commissions and examples of previous Cat Oil Portraits Framed »

We hope you enjoy viewing the cat oil portraits gallery below, you are more than welcome to visit our cat portraits contact page and email us at any time.


Cat Oil Pet Portraits - Full or half Body

Every cat portrait commission is completely unique. A popular design for cat portrait is to have a half body portrait. This can be excellent especially if the cat is crouching or laying down. This enables us to capture their beautiful soft fur and colouring of their body, plus create lots of detail in their face too. The portraits below are mostly half body portraits, apart from the beautiful kitten called Sally. If you click on each portrait below you can see them in much more detail...


Full Body Cat Portrait of Shelly

Katie contacted us to ask if we would create an oil portrait of her cat Shelly who had sadly passed away. Katie had two photos she loved, one of which was perfect for a portrait. Nicholas was able to open Shelly's eyes a little as requested and tone down the background setting in the photo. I have added a final photo of Shelly below, along with a photo of Nicholas' hand and brush on the painting too. We hope you like it as much as Katie!

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
It is absolutely amazing I am beyond happy with it. It really looks like her I showed it a couple of people and they thought I was showing them the picture.....Its perfect thank you so much again.
Kind Regards


Pet Portraits Cats

Cat Oil Pet Portraits - Head Studies

Clients like to have an oil paintings of their cats showing their head and shoulders with a plain background. This means that the focus is on your cat and not taken away by a distracting background. This works beautifully as Nicholas works with the colours and tones of your cat to create a very natural background to cmpliment them, just like some of the commissions below.


Cat Oil Pet Portraits - Frankie Blue Eyes

Gary White (USA) has been a returning client for many years and has commissioned a number of paintings of both dogs and cats. The portrait below is one of the latest oil paintings Gary has commissioned of his stunning cat Frankie Blue Eyes who sadly passed away last year. Gary and his wife Barb, wanted to depict Frankie with his favourite toy 'Pooh' and had the perfect photo of him playing with his toy for the painting. Gary was thrilled with the final painting which you can see along with a lovely testimonial from Gary below.

Oh my goodness, Frankie's portrait is, well again, beyond my words to describe. It seems 3-dimensional, and the color is stunning. For the fifth time I am truly amazed at Nick's skill. You'd think I'd quit being 'blow away' by his talents .... I am so thankful that I found you both! I have numerous people who what to see the oil once it's safely here. Again, please tell Nicholas how much we appreciate him and what he's brought to our home.
Gary White
Cat Oil Painting
Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Junior's portrait arrived safe and sound today. Nicholas did an incredible job, I feel like Junior himself is hanging on the wall! Here are some shots, one is taken from my front door, you can see, all who enter have a great line of site to him! Another is me and junior with the painting. It's pretty funny, Junior is such a little guy that the painting is literally larger than life! Awesome job Nicholas. Thanks so much, I will cherish it forever!


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