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Cat Pet Portraits in Oils by Nicholas Beall

Welcome to cat pet portraits gallery for oil paintings on linen canvas by Nicholas Beall. All of the cat portraits you see below are previous commissions traditionally hand painted by Nicholas in oils on linen canvas. Our canvases are made bespoke here in the UK, all hand crafted. Nicholas paints his oil portraits from our lovely garden studio in the UK and can be commissioned worldwide.

Cats are very delicate creatures, often with fine, silky velvety fur and Nick captures their fur beautifully using fine traditional oils on the best quality Italian fine grain linen canvas.


Click on each cat portrait thumbnail below to view a larger version of each cat oil painting and cat pencil drawing, information about the commission, a detailed image and reference photo provided by the client.

If you would like Nicholas to paint your cat, you are more than welcome to email your photos at any time.

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Milly and Molly
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white cat portraits
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